As with most ideas, be them good or bad, we came up with  ‘Musing in the Time of Covid’ late at night, when Rosie was still quite jet-lagged! (we hope that doesn’t show!) The name is a variation of Gabriel García Márquez’s book ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’. A dive into the not so deep end of assisted website design and lots of procrastination later and we are finally live. 

Now for the more informative bit: 

We are both currently on our gap years and had planned to be travelling and participating in various volunteer schemes abroad. As with so many other people our plans were interrupted by Covid-19 and so now we are doing our best at doing something meaningful whilst being stuck at home. This is the first year we have had out of education since we started full time age 4, and the idea of being stuck at home with no real purpose or occupation has been daunting, but so far so good.

We can appreciate what it's like for young people, who are constantly encouraged to aim and work for the next step, to suddenly have big plans thrown in the air and be left in limbo. Obviously this a comparatively minor problem compared with all the various risks and worries coronavirus has brought; but all these challenges add up. We just hope that we can provide even a tiny bit of distraction and positivity!

The idea is to showcase the creativity of people in this unusual time as well as share ideas to pass the time, important articles and discussions on topics from climate change to life in an NHS family. We hope that you will enjoy exploring the weird and wonderful things we have on here and will get inspired to add something new! 

Please bear in mind that we are still trying to add lots of content to the website - but we'll carry on chipping away.

Rosie and Ellie x

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