Some important articles from sites that can be freely accessed.

Women's Aid

Many survivors will be feeling unsafe isolating in a house with an abusive person, and isolated from their support networks. This is the link to Women's Aid's support and safety advice for those experiencing domestic abuse during this time.

By IndieWire

For 10 days from 29th May, We Are One: A Global Film Festival, will stream films for free on YouTube, from filmmakers who are missing out on 20 film festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Sundance and BFI London.

By Ben Chapman for The Independent

Denmark has banned companies registered in tax havens from receiving government support in this time. Poland has also announced that it will only support businesses which pay domestic tax.

By The Guardian

Amsterdam has decided to embrace Kate Raworth "doughnut economics" in order to help recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus. The idea of the doughnut model is to meet the needs of humanity within the environmental boundaries of the planet, the place where these two meet is the doughnut dough. Anything beyond the outside of the doughnut is overtaxing the planet's resources, and anything inside the doughnut hole is when basic human needs aren't being met. The article explains it really well and much more cohesively.

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