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By Kimberly Hamlin via BBC History Extra

Hamlin's article explores the history of Phyllis Schlafly and her movement 'STOP ERA' which ended the 1970s debate on whether to cement gender equality in the American Constitution. Many believe that the Equal Rights Amendment would have been passed if Schlafly hadn’t succeeded in creating such widespread protest against. She argued that men and women were fundamentally different and that to encourage women to live outside of the capacity of homemaker and mother was to go against the innate role of the woman. The article is very interesting in giving a perspective on women who believe gender equality to be abhorrent and actively seek to stop it.

By Jon Henley and Eleanor Ainge Roy for the Guardian

Female leaders from Sint Maarten to Iceland seem to be handling the Covid-19 outbreak more efficiently than their male counterparts. This article explores some of their responses, and possible reasons for their success. One potential factor being that women are only likely to be elected as leaders in countries which trust and support the government.

Image by Daan Stevens

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