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5 Positives To Come Out of Lockdown

People got back to me really quickly when I asked them for five positive things that lockdown has brought for them. Looking at them all certain themes have come through, such as being closer with and spending more time with family, appreciating the people in our lives and mostly having time - whether it's to slow down, or discover things you love doing. It's made me feel really happy and proud to see people actively thinking about and appreciating the positives from a situation they would not choose to be put in.  

Even though it has been a difficult situation, for some even more so than others, I hope that lockdown will have provided people with some valuable time and space to reflect about what we want from our lives and ourselves, in a busy world where we rarely have an opportunity to stop and think.

  • More quality time and becoming closer with family

  • Appreciating family and friends more, and not taking for granted the times you were able to see them before lockdown

  • Finding more time to exercise, and enjoy it

  • Spending more time outside

  • More time to cook, bake and experiment with food

  • Living a healthier lifestyle

  • The ability to enjoy life at a slower pace

  • Relaxing, and feeling re-energised; finding time to do the things you didn't have time to before

  • Spending more time on yourself, and feeling better about you and more self confident because of it

  • Being able to take a step back and put things in perspective

  • Discovering and appreciating more about where you live

  • Saving time from commuting

  • Being able to organise things and get on top of stuff that needed doing

  • Enjoying uni work and the subject more because of less pressure

  • Not feeling guilty for not working or being constantly busy

  • Feeling like you don't have to be control of or restricted by plans

  • Staying in touch with and checking in on people - including those who you haven't had much contact with outside of lockdown

  • People seem kinder and more complimentary

  • Learning to be more patient!

  • Learning more skills (e.g. languages)

  • More time for arts and crafts

Big and Small Positives from Home and Around the World - due to Coronavirus

What positives have come out of lockdown for you?

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