Online Experiences and Entertainment

On the days when lockdown has hit that bit harder I've found myself mindlessly scrolling through social media or waiting for friends to message me back, which definitely doesn't help shift my mood. These are some of the things I have that do help cheer me up and make me feel like I'm doing something slightly worth while with my time.

Online Classes

Skillshare is an online creative lesson platform with topics from watercolour, to learning to use photoshop to lino printing. I’ve been learning calligraphy as my handwriting is atrocious, and found it really enjoyable, the teachers provide video tutorials and additional class materials. Skillshare has a basic free plan which gives you access to a limited selection of their classes but also offers a 2 month free premium trial, after which it’s about £15/month or £84/year.

Theatre, Ballet and Opera

The National Theatre has been streaming live recordings of their shows on YouTube each week for a week for free. For those who for whatever reason aren’t able to see theatre very often this is a really amazing opportunity as it normally costs a lot even when streamed to the cinema!

Virtual Tours

One of my favourite discoveries is a virtual tour of the Great Barrier Reef with Sir David Attenborough. It has the most amazing videos, fascinating narration and explorations and definitely makes you feel like you’ve learnt and experienced something new. It’s completely free, and I’ve been slowly exploring it with my friends over Zoom, which allows you to share what’s on a person’s screen so everyone experiences at the same pace.

Mubi, Audible, WNRS and Netflix Party

A film streaming service which has 30 films at a time, each carefully selected. You get 30 days to watch each film, and each day a film goes and is replaced with a new one. Unlike other more popular services, Mubi's film selection is multinational, as likely to be from the 1950s as 2000s and often films you wouldn't otherwise watch, but are definitely glad you did! They also have a rental service with films you may have missed at the cinema. Basically, it is the independent cinema of the film streaming services. 
You have the option of a month's trial and then it’s £9.99 a month.

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